Be a Beta Tester!

If you like going to gigs and concerts with your friends and talking about the experience afterwards, or if you listen to live music online, then we’d like to hear from you.
We’re making a new website with BBC Radio 3 that will launch in May 2013. We can’t say too much about it now, except that it’s an experiment in social listening. Before we develop it further, we want to find out what people think about the experience and how we can make it better.

To take part, you’ll need Internet access during May 2013. During that time you can use the site as little or often as you want to, but you will also need to be available in early June to take part in a short online survey to let us know what you think.

If this sounds like fun click here to sign up, and we’ll send you an invitation soon.

This prototype is being developed with funding from the Technology Strategy Board‘s IC Tomorrow programme.


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