In Summer 2013 we produced a Creative Lab series for King’s Cultural Institute, bringing together artists, academics and technologists. This was a three-part programme that led to the development of four first-stage prototypes, exploring the impact of multi-disciplinary collaboration.

Participating cultural organisations included  Coney, Crafts Council, Wellcome Collection, London Review of Books, Fuel Theatre, and Natural History Museum.

The programme included a facilitated Open Space that helped participating cultural organisations identify areas to explore, followed by a short, one-day workshop. Selected teams were awarded bursaries (which were paid to the technologists) to help realise these ideas into working prototypes.

The commissioned prototypes include a first-stage model of a haptic hand that allows gallery visitors to “virtually” handle 3D sculptures;  a web app that infiltrates Facebook with art; an online exploration of Coney’s new piece of political theatre Early Days of a Better Nation; and Inkvisible, a Kinect hack that allows gallery visitors to add “digital graffiti” to gallery walls.

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