Drone Ethics

We worked with The University of Leeds’ Cultural and Creative Industries Exchange to run a Creative Technology Lab in Leeds in 2012. We matched teams together for a short, intensive period of collaborative development.

Ben Eaton, a digital artist, and Kevin Macnish, from the University of Leeds, are exploring the ethics of contemporary warfare using game platforms. Vlad Strukov, a researcher from the University of Leeds, and Dave Lynch, an artist, are exploring the nature of data by projecting onto clouds. Bloom, a digital discovery agency, and the Centre for Translation Studies at the University of Leeds are working on improving collaborative translations. Simon Popple from the University of Leeds and Imran Ali, Tom Morgan and Dean Vipond are working on a collaboration around storytelling tools for large media archives.

The aims of the Lab were to find new and innovative ways to interrogate data and showcase academic research; increase our understanding of how technology might impact research; spark collaborations between academics and those working with digital technology; and create digital prototypes using research data.

Read more about the process and outcomes at the project site.