In Autumn 2011, Mindshare hosted an unconference to explore the thinking, tech and themes that will shape the communications industry over the next 12-18 months. For one day, there was no agenda.  There was no PowerPoint.  Instead, over 700 participants – some of the most collaborative and creative media owners, clients, strategists and academics – took part in 85 separate sessions, debated 66 different topics and held thousands of conversations about the future. Mindshare even created a book about the day.

We produced sessions on “Why Hacking Your Organisation Can Make It Better” based on the hacker ethos of taking things apart, seeing how they work and using this knowledge to create new and more interesting things. Participants took part in interactive problem solving, creating scenarios and then imagining how they might fix them by being open to change and collaboration.

“We love these guys. Their two sessions on Why Hacking Your Organisation Can Make It Better got some of the best feedback of the day. Come back and see us soon, Katy and Rachel!”