Partner Opportunity: Arts Open Data Wiki

We’re looking for a partner to help us make a public database of UK arts and cultural open data.

What’s the Project?

The project has two parts:

1)   Creating a comprehensive list of UK arts and cultural open data sources

2)   Creating an editable website or wiki and publishing the list of open data sources

We’d like the site to be easy to read, easy to edit, and attractive to look at. It should also categorise content through a tagging system. We expect each entry will have a title, a short description of the content, a link to the API and detail data fields, formats, standards and data-set access interfaces.

The project is being funded by an Open Data Innovation Voucher from the Technology Strategy Board. The voucher is for £5,000 and it must be spent with someone (either a company or a sole trader) that we have not previously worked with.

You will need experience of creating lovely, simple websites, an understanding of open data and a good knowledge of the UK arts and cultural sector.

If this sounds like you, please email a short document (no more than one A4 side) telling us about your work and how you intend to approach the project to before 5pm Wednesday 11 September.

Caper brings Maker Code to Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire


We’re going to be at Maker Faire on Saturday!

Maker Faire has grown up to be a celebration of a culture of prototyping, trying things out, and having fun with technology. Stallholders get a chance to show off what they’ve made, and it will be full of great things to see and people to talk to. However, one of the most interesting things that unites the visitors – their skills and the things they make – is largely invisible when they’re in the room.

So, we’re curious to find out what skills people have, and will be asking everyone to contribute to a group dataset – think of it as a Geek Code for Makers. You’ll be able to join in on our stand, and your data will become part of a live visualisation by digital artist Simon Katan that will build up over the course of the day.

There are also tattoos. Temporary ones of course, but if you’d like to show the room what you can do, this is your chance. Kudos to anyone who can tell us what each symbol is and why.

Entry to Maker Faire is free as long as you register, so see you there.

Maker Faire Tattoos